4 Advantages of Intermittent Fasting

donteatAs Intermittent Fasting becomes ever more popular as a method to lose weight, the questions surrounding the method also increase. The question that I hear the most in one form or another is “What does Intermittent Fasting do for me?”

In this article we will look at four reasons that Intermittent Fasting is advantageous, and how they benefit the person following the IF method.

Less Restrictive

Most accepted weight loss methods require that you count calories and/or grams, or you are required not to eat fats or carbohydrates. Some weight loss methods go as far as prohibiting entire food groups.

These are not long-term eating habits that you will adapt for the remainder of your life. Sure they work, and you lose weight. However, as soon as you begin eating ‘normally’ the weight sneaks back on, thus creating a vicious circle of ‘dieting’ that never ends.

Intermittent Fasting allows you to eat more of what you want without over eating. Some people find that combining IF with eating healthy foods increases weight loss, and the energy level.

Better Control of Eating Habits

The first time or two that you enter the fasting stage you may feel as if you are starving to death!  You may even go off the fast and enter a binging state. Do not give up. (For more information on beginning an IF lifestyle, click here)

Your body is not accustomed to not eating for extended periods of time, and wants you to give it fuel. Of course you have ample fuel stored in your body in the form of fat cells. You are simply training your body to use the alternate source of energy.

Surprisingly after two or three fasting states you will not feel hungry. In fact you will find that hunger pangs in general do not bother you anymore. This lack of hunger pangs allows you much more control over your eating habits than you previously had.

Muscle Mass is Retained

Unlike some other weight loss methods, Intermittent Fasting actually promotes the retention of muscle mass. The body goes to its primary ‘fuel’ source when it is not given new fuel. That fuel source is fat cells. The body only attacks muscle if it truly feels it is starving.

Retention of muscle mass is highly desired. This is not to imply that you need to become a body builder, but having a toned body is a plus for everyone.

IF Adapts to Your Lifestyle

The great thing about IF is that it is not ‘set in stone’. Everything about IF is flexible. This flexibility allows one to fit IF into their lifestyle.

In other words if you normally do not eat before noon then the 16-hour daily fast may work the best for you. No food from 6:00p.m. until 10:00a.m. The best part about the 16-hour daily fast is that you get to sleep through most of the fast! Others find that doing two 24-hour fasts during the week works better for them. Select the variation that best fits into your life.

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