With global warming on the rise, anyone who reads through a newspaper would know what impact this has on our planet today. The figures and statistics with regard to the increase of global warming and its effects are staggering. However we could find some consolation in the fact that it’s not too late to try and stop this problem from getting out of hand before it is too late. American households produce millions of tones of waste each year, and among them are several items that could be re-used and recycled. For this to be done however, it is essential that people are educated as to the need for recycling and how it could help. It is very important that your kids too learn the importance of recycling products around your home. You would need to explain to your kid how recycling could help conserve the environment.

In order to raise awareness for kids recycle, you would need to have a good program in place. Children must enjoy what they learn so that they would want to save energy by recycling. You could do this by firstly making your child understand the importance of preserving our planet. Make them realize that the earth, the planet on which they live, is their home, and that they should give it as much respect as they would give their own home.

In teaching kids recycle, you would have to then show them what global warming has resulted in. For this, you could collect pictures of various disasters that have taken place, including floods and so on. Explain to them that they too could either contribute to this or could choose to do something about it by taking small steps. For kids recycle, we all know the 3 R’s. Teach this to help your kids recycle too.

  • Encourage them to REDUCE by not contributing to waste.
  • Tell them to REUSE things around the home such as containers, gift wrappers and so on.
  • Tech them to RECYCLE. This is where they could use items such as paper again to make new products after they have been shredded.

It is important for kids recycle, that you come up with fun recycling projects to instill the habit in them. You could do this in various ways. Help your kids recycle by teaching them how to make cards using recycled paper and other materials. Similarly you could also have kids recycle games to provide them with an incentive to recycle. This could be by making them put different items based on what could be reused/recycled into various bins at home, and give the one who gets them all right a prize.

Remember that it is important that you do not make it look boring and tiring. The key is to make them enjoy learning about kids recycle.