As we grow older, sometimes, we develop floaters in our eyes. These are results of condensation or deposits in the vitreous jelly of the eye. Despite normal vision, these appear as blobs, strings, curved lines, “C”s or “O”s appearing in front of our vision. At first they may be bothersome but as time goes on, these floaters appear to be less annoying or disappear. In time, a person with floaters will get used to them and hardly notice them anymore.

There is no cure or remedy for floaters although there are reports that certain herbal concoctions, vitamins or tinctures containing iodine help clear out floaters – there is no clinical proof of their efficacy. Also, you should aware that products like eyesecrets are only temporary solution. Read about colostrum here & how it can enhance your overall beauty and appeal.

Floaters may be compared to dust floating in water on a glass surface or dirt stuck on a glass pane where there is water. They can get really annoying in the beginning but one gets used to them. When you first get floaters, it is better to refrain from driving or operating machinery as they may affect your performance and vision. Slowly get back into your normal activities like driving as you get used to your floaters. There is no reason to stop for good. Just be patient enough to get used to floaters.